Chef Ramil Paje , OFW from Canada

Ramil Paje is an OFW currently working as a chef in Canada, Ramil works abroad to have better financial stability as well as for new experience. Ramil enjoys the work abroad as he can provide for his family back at home and at the same time, save for himself.

What makes you decide to work abroad?

For experience and financial

In your experience, what is the hardest part in applying abroad as an OFW?

Processing my papers and high placement fee

Is your salary enough to support family members still studying and household expenses?

YES and I can still save for myself

What is the hardest part of being an OFW?

Being away from my family and working with different nationality

What are the things you have established/bought since you became an OFW?

  I was able to buy my family and myself things that we can’t buy when I’m in the Philippines

If you have a second chance, which country wills you works in as an OFW?


Do you have a timeframe when to stop working abroad?

20 years

What time of the year you choose to be with your loved ones?

Christmas and New Year

Are you satisfied with what you are currently earning abroad?

Yes because it is much higher than I what I’m earning before

Do you enjoy your current job abroad?

Yes because I can provide my family their financial needs.

What are the benefits you get in working abroad?

I can enhance my skills and having higher salary

Would you ever consider working in your home country again?

Yes if I can have a good salary and benefits.

Did you have a hard time adjusting (sleep, food, hygiene) while working abroad?

At first I have a hard time because I miss my family but I cope up with it.

How do you handle being homesick (homesickness)?

I’m always calling my family through video call or I’m making myself busy.

Do you think the popular social media platforms can help fight boredom?

Yes because I can still be updated to what is happening to my family and my country.

What do you miss in the Philippines?

I miss the my family, friends and the events

How do you deal with sadness when talking to your sick loved ones?

I just telling myself that it will be okay and God is by my side.

Is it true that OFWs have crab mentality whenever they go abroad?

Some OFW think that way

Can you give tips or advice for people who are planning to go abroad?

You must be physically and mentally fit to go to abroad and you must set your goals because it is hard being away to your family.

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