Gilber Batao OFW

Gilber is a resident of San Juan, San Antonio, Zambales, and is by now working abroad. He’s the eldest among the six siblings, and he’s happily married with two amazing kids. For him, working abroad is perhaps the best way to provide his family’s needs and still have some savings for himself. As a father, Gilber’s goal is to provide well for his family, which is why he decided to go abroad and work.

Although working abroad gives his family financial stability, the idea of being far from them is one of the most challenging moments as an OFW. But his drive to give the best life for his family fuels him to go on and work efficiently.

strong>What makes you decide to work abroad?

Nagdecide ako na mg abroad dahil sa pangangailangan ng aking pamilya (mga anak), bilang isang ama obligasyon mo na maibagay  ang mga pangangailangan ng akin pamilya..(husband is the provider)

In your experience, what is the hardest part in applying abroad as an OFW?

To complete and settle all my requirements.

Is your salary enough to support family members still studying and household expenses?


What is the hardest part of being an OFW?

I think ang pinakamahrap na part  sa amin mga ofw  ay yong sa oras na kailangan ka ng pamilya mo  malayo ka sa kanila.(pagmay sakit, okasyon ) at lalo na pag tinamaan ka ng  homesick.

What are the things you have established/bought since you became an OFW?

Pagpapagawa ng sariling bahay at  pagpapa – aral sa mga   anak ko at kapatid ko.

If you have a second chance, which country wills you works in as an OFW?

Anywhere in EUROPE..

Do you have a timeframe when to stop working abroad?

I think 5yrs after

What time of the year you choose to be with your loved ones?

Christmas and New Years

Are you satisfied with what you are currently earning abroad?


Do you enjoy your current job abroad?


What are the benefits you get in working abroad?

Nabibigay ko ang pangangailangan ng pamilya ko  at  unti unti ng natutupad pangarap ko..

Would you ever consider working in your home country again?

    Hindi Na

Did you have a hard time adjusting (sleep, food, hygiene) while working abroad?

     YES sa simula

How do you handle being homesick (homesickness)?

Playing basketball or gala mode

Do you think the popular social media platforms can help fight boredom?


What do you miss in the Philippines?

Food, Occasion and Family

How do you deal with sadness when talking to your sick loved ones?

only praying….

Is it true that OFWs have crab mentality whenever they go abroad?

I don’t believe..

Can you give tips or advice for people who are planning to go abroad?

Pakatatag sila..

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