Ryan Jerome Dagulo, OFW from Saudi Arabia

Ryan lives in Olongapo City but is currently working in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. He decided to work abroad to provide for his family and to achieve a good work experience. Ryan, 25, earns enough for himself and for his family. Through hard work from abroad, he’s now built his own house. He also sends his sister in school, which will graduate in March of next year.

What makes you decide to work abroad?

I decided to work abroad to help my family and to have a good work experience.

In your experience, what is the hardest part in applying abroad as an OFW?

The hardest thing in applying as an ofw is to sacrifice all your time.

Is your salary enough to support family members still studying and household expenses?

For now, yes, my salary is enough.

What is the hardest part of being an OFW?

Away from your family and love one, is the hardest part of being an OFW.

What are the things you have established/bought since you became an OFW?

My sister is graduating college this march, this is my biggest achievement for now, and now I already bought my own house

If you have a second chance, which country wills you works in as an OFW?

I want to work in France if I have a chance

Do you have a timeframe when to stop working abroad?

For now I don’t have a time frame pa.

What time of the year you choose to be with your loved ones?

For me Christmas.

Are you satisfied with what you are currently earning abroad?

For now I’m satisfied.

Do you enjoy your current job abroad?


What are the benefits you get in working abroad?

Here in abroad they have less tax, so u can take your full salary per month.

Would you ever consider working in your home country again?


Did you have a hard time adjusting (sleep, food, hygiene) while working abroad?


How do you handle being homesick (homesickness)?

Just pray, and sleep

Do you think the popular social media platforms can help fight boredom?

Yes it helps a lot. Especially sa aming mga OFW.

What do you miss in the Philippines?

I miss everything.

How do you deal with sadness when talking to your sick loved ones?

I’ll just keep on smiling

Is it true that OFWs have crab mentality whenever they go abroad?

Maybe others, but not all.

Can you give tips or advice for people who are planning to go abroad?

For me working abroad helps you in terms of money, but u need to have a strong determination and patience

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