Zenaida Pudol Peteluna, OFW from Hong Kong

Zenaida Pudol Peteluna is an OFW currently working in Hong Kong as a domestic helper. She has been working abroad for the past 15 years to provide for her family needs, as well as to explore  new places. She is the youngest among siblings, and she’s married with one daughter. Her many years of hard work have paid off. Along with her husband, Zenaida has bought their own house and lot. For her, anything is possible with God.

What makes you decide to work abroad?

To help my family needs and explore other places.

How did you apply abroad? Will you please tell us the procedure, so those who are planning to become OFWs can have an idea how?

I went to Singapore as a tourist it was fly now pay later. The agent has to deduct my salary for 6 months. After 5 years l moved to HK through agent and l paid 75,000 pesos for my placement fee. Before you left Philippines baon ka na sa utang. Aside from the placement fee you need to pay for training, medical, transportation and food.

What is the hardest part of being an OFW?

The hardest part is when homesickness strikes. If the family you work for doesn’t treat you well and when you get sick and can’t rest at all.

What are the things you have established/bought since you became an OFW?

Me and my husband are both OFW so we are able to by land and build a house.

Do you have a bad experience as an OFW either abroad or in the Philippines?


Do you have any plans in mind so that you don’t have to work abroad for the rest of your life?

Yes l do want to go home and have a business to be with my family.

How do you handle being homesick (homesickness)?

I just video chat my daughter and husband whenever l have the chance.

Do you think the popular social media platforms can help fight boredom? Why?

Yes, l can see and talk to them anytime

What are the things you regret not doing because of your time spent working abroad?

When my father and brother passed away l was not given a chance to see them for the last time

Most people don’t realize what it’s actually like to be an OFW. They think that OFWs just travel and have fun abroad. Can you share your real situation as an OFW so people understand what you really do? Can you give tips or advice for people who are planning to go abroad?

As a domestic helper you need to work for a family that’s totally strange for you and you need to adjust for everything. I thank God that the family that l worked for treated as their family. Being an OFW is not easy you have to think many times before you decide to work abroad. You must be physically and mentally fit because every people/country has different cultures and environment. You should know how to get along with others and always pray to God




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