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The main purpose of conducting this interview is to let people know, especially Filipinos and the relatives of Overseas Filipino Workers, (OFW) the real-life situation abroad. This gives us information coming from the actual OFWs. All the interviews will be featured and can be seen on

If some questions are not applicable to you, you can leave them blank. You can provide answers using Filipino, English or a combination (TAGLISH).

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Tell me something about yourself (Your childhood, education, where you from, previous works in the Philippines, and your current job and location)?
What makes you decide to work abroad?
How did you apply abroad? Will you please tell us the procedure, so those who are planning to become OFWs can have an idea how? What is the hardest part of being an OFW?
What are the things you have established/bought since you became an OFW?
Do you have a bad experience as an OFW either abroad or in the Philippines?
Do you have any plans in mind so that you don't have to work abroad for the rest of your life?
How do you handle being homesick (homesickness)?
Do you think the popular social media platforms can help fight boredom? Why?
What are the things you regret not doing because of your time spent working abroad?
Most people don't realize what it's actually like to be an OFW. They think that OFWs just travel and have fun abroad. Can you share your real situation as an OFW so people understand what you really do? Can you give tips or advice for people who are planning to go abroad?
Can you give tips or advice for people who are planning to go abroad?
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